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Warda Heetun
Assistant Research Scientist
Medical radiation physics & engineering measurement services


My favourite thing about working for NPL is knowing that I work to deliver science with impact that will be enhancing people's quality of life.

Sam Bartlett
Research Scientist
Chemical Metrology


My colleagues, and everyone who works at NPL, all seem to share a similar working mentality and ethos, whereby work is undertaken with diligence and a sense of pride.

Mark Hodnett
Senior Research Scientist


The things I like about NPL are the people, the work-life balance, the flexibility and the opportunity to influence the direction of work, even from relatively junior levels.

Natalie Belsey
Senior Research Scientist
Analytical Science


The best thing about working at NPL is the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects of direct relevance to UK innovation and quality of life. Every day is different, solving a variety of challenges in world-class facilities.

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